Demon Tongue Watch Full Movie

A group of paranormal phenomena, they received the news of the terrible events of the academy and students are placed in the right way in a sports complex. Supernatural entities and describe when they reached the area, where there are an impossible event, they expect much more will find themselves in a difficult situation.

The existence of paranormal phenomena, in many cases to be covered over in most societies, such as rust formation of supernatural creature is a concept to be desired. Such events transmitted to humans because they often lose their mental balance, and experienced a great deal of evidence has been passed to the records or have been destroyed, or reserved. Yet every year, and thousands of paranormal phenomena taking place all over the world, many people either lose their lives or are losing their mental balance ..


Genre: Horror

Actor: Jack Davis, Debbie College, Seth Gontkovic

Director: Gavin Rapp

Country: United States

Duration: 85 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 4.4

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