Its a frightfulness , thriller film.its cast incorporate julie benz, fuonnula, bella shouse and numerous other.the story rotated around a young ladies who lives in gothic loft building where she should stand up to an alarming evil.direction is bad .acting of julie benz is awsome but rather u won’t get terrified in the wake of watching this motion picture so the motivation behind making this motion picture fizzled.

A beset young lady, Jackie (Julie Benz), with a resolute liquor habit, is discharged from recovery and given another opportunity with another occupation and an outfitted flat at Havenhurst.

Blame ridden over the heartbreaking loss of her 8-year-old little girl, Jackie is rapidly drawn into the secrets of Havenhurst, specifically the unsolved vanishing of the flat’s past tenant, a young lady (Danielle Harris) she got to know in recovery who vanished as of late without a follow.

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