In spite of the fact that Rocky and Kanhaiya are at first hesitant to fill in as porn stars, the bait for cash persuades them to consent to be a piece of Mickey’s porn star gathering. All goes well till the time Kanhaiya falls head over heels in adoration with Shalu. So as to awe her, he generally is willing to walk that additional mile.

Yet, when Shalu tells Kanhaiya that her dad Surya Karjatya needs to see him and his family for their marriage, Kanhaiya, left with no decision, tells the ‘porn stars’ gathering to mask themselves as his conventional “sanskari” crew. What takes after is a drama of blunders, mixed up characters and disorder… the majority of this prompting an upside down circumstance. Will Shalu’s dad find the truth of Kanhaiya, what happens to the team of Rocky and Kanhaiya at last, does Mickey help Rocky and Kanhaiya in escaping the circumstance that has been made by him… is the thing that structures whatever remains of the film.


IMDB: 4.8/10

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