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Watch El Ott İbrahim El Batout Movie

Movie: El Ott
Director: Ibrahim El-Batout
Actors: Farouk Al-Fishawy, Salah Alhanafy, Sarah Shahin, Amr Waked
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Country: Egypt
Release Year: 2014
Duration: 85 min

Ibrahim El-Batout’s story is a character investigation of a little time Egyptian hoodlum El Ott (played with incredible power by Amr Waked) who is both separated from his wife Salma and alienated from family after his girl Amina was bafflingly captured and lost in Cairo. He finds that Fathi, a human and organ trafficking mobster manager, has as of late hijacked road youngsters from his neighborhood keeping in mind the end goal to offer their organs. It expends El Ott and powers his indignation for what may have happened to his own particular lost girl rousing him to devastate Fathi. El Ott’s presence is eaten up defying the operations of this youngster trafficking group and exploring the underworld to put a conclusion to Fathi’s butchery. El Ott does not go only it but rather selects his sibling El Ghagary for assurance. An intriguing arrangement of occasions develops when a strange man claims he has been watching El Ott and offers him a lucrative arrangement to bring down Fathi and his trafficking operation. El Ott alongside his sibling Ghagary start an adventure through the underworld standing up to their own evil spirits as they battle to bring down Fathi and his associates. The excursion reunites El Ott with his family yet there can be no solace knowing the endless loop of organ trafficking will proceed through Egypt

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